Green Construction Products in Canada

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Canada is recognized as a world leader in green building and design. Canadian companies have earned a reputation in the green building industry and have made such an impact that Canada ranks second in the world for the number registered and certified LEED® projects.
Green Industry in Canada
The green building industry in Canada has improved products and technologies to adapt to the ever changing climate we enjoy in this country. Through the use of these products and building practices, we are producing greener places to live, work and play. The green building industry in Canada is presided over by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). It is through this organization that we can be sure we are getting the most out of our green solutions.

The CaGBC oversees the certification of green buildings and projects through its LEED program. The CaGBC holds the sole license for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in Canada, a international rating system that is used to ensure that all buildings and projects that apply to be certified as green, truly are. The standard is set out and strictly adhered to when rating everything from water quality and usage to material and renewable resources.
With the need to have products that perform well in our demanding and ever changing climate in Canada, there are numerous construction products and materials that are manufactured right here for use across the country and North America. Some of these necessary products include high performance weather resistant doors and windows, high efficiency recycled content insulation, low VOC paints, sealants and adhesives, advanced air and water barriers, and green concrete to name a few.
Green Products in Canada
A large part of the green initiative is to reduce waste by reusing products we already have available to us. The green building industry in Canada has answered this call to action by developing, using or manufacturing products that reuse construction materials. Some of examples of this advanced production include green concrete. In this production process, crushed concrete recovered from demolition sites, blast-furnace slag and cinders are used reducing the production energy consumption and costs and making a product that is far more durable than the original.

Carpeting is another material that is being produced in a greener manner. Traditional types of carpeting are made from petroleum based nylon. The off-gassing of this type of material significantly impacts the indoor air quality of homes and office buildings. Another option to carpeting is reclaimed wood flooring. This type of flooring is readily available in Canada. Reclaiming wood not only reduces the stress on forests for supply, it also lessens the impact of wood being deposited at landfill sites.

To make things easier for green building industry professionals, their companies and their customers, the CaGBC has created the Canada Builds Green directory. This comprehensive online directory of Canada's foremost companies and organizations that deliver green building products and services provides organizations with exposure to potential customers, clients, partners, and distributors around the world.
As you can see, the green building industry in Canada is a growing and evolving one. The importance of the lasting impact we leave for future generations largely considered as is the impact on available resources for generations to come. Responsible builders are green builders.
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